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Defatted & Dried Coffee Grounds

Defatted & Dried Coffee Grounds

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Introducing DFSCG, the sustainable solution for your varied needs! Use it to make crockery & cutlery, as a biochar replacement for sand, or turn it into an All Purpose Natural Scrub. Utilise this versatile product that turns spent coffee grounds into many valuable resources beneficial to human society in many ways. The Moisture Reduction for DF-SCG is less than 2 percent.

  • Transform coffee grounds into valuable resources with our Defatted & Dried Coffee Grounds.
  • Ideal for making sustainable crockery, replacing sand as biochar, or creating an all-natural scrub.
  • This eco-friendly product unlocks the diverse possibilities of upcycled coffee.
  • Contribute to a circular economy and minimize waste with this versatile offering.

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