Imagine a world where every coffee lover not only savours the rich aromas of their favourite brew but also envisions a greener, kinder planet with every sip. This is the world that Kaffa Kuwwa Innovations is tirelessly crafting – one coffee story at a time.

Our name "Kaffa Kuwwa" pays tribute to the rich, cultural heritage of coffee. "Kaffa" originates from the Kaffa region of Ethiopia, where the coffee plant was first discovered centuries ago. This legendary birthplace gave the world one of its most beloved beverages that has transcended borders and infused itself into daily rituals across the globe. By honoring these Ethiopian origins, our name celebrates coffee's remarkable journey.

"Kuwwa" embodies the Arabic word "kuwah," meaning coffee, recognizing the crucial role Arab traders played in pioneering the coffee trade. But Kuwwa also signifies strength, resilience, and the power to drive positive change within communities. 

Our journey began with the vision of one passionate woman- our founder, a coffee aficionado. It was a realisation that, behind the comforting warmth of coffee hides a toxic reality, because the coffee wastes finds itself in landfills and water bodies, damaging human health and causing permanent DNA damage to aquatic life. This was simply not the reality she wished to settle for.

Our founder took up a journey to unlock the potential of Spent Coffee; there were a multitude of ways to repurpose it for unimaginable benefits - Pure Coffee Oil, Coffee Aroma, Coffee Crockeries & Cutleries, the least to mention, Coffee Bio-fuel Pellets, in the form of alternative thermal energy - so many possibilities!

With this core vision in mind, here at Kaffa Kuwwa, we work towards a promise we have made to ourselves; to create quality and competitive products that are natural, sustainable, eco-friendly and further builds a circular economy that in turn creates a thriving community around us. Together we work diligently, to research and develop new products from the coffee wastes and bring them to the market, all while operating our business in the most sustainable and ethical way possible. We prioritize fair labor practices and ethical sourcing, ensuring that our products are as good and befitting to the planet as they are for our customers. Beyond products, we also offer a narrative of conscious consumption and mindful choices.

By choosing us, you are committing to a change that our planet needs. Our effort is a very small step forward in conserving and preserving the environment in its healthiest state !


Our Vision

Exercise the power of Innovation & Technology to reduce the Carbon Footprint generated by the Coffee Industry & meaningfully contribute to developing a Green Circular Economy.

Our Values

The company pledges to not do business with Suppliers that use Child Labour and / or maintain Dangerous Working Conditions.

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Who are We?

Founder & Product Head

Advanced Systems Management & MBA, Calcutta University; Gathered 20 years Professional Experience in Technology & Management Consulting, working with Microsoft & PricewaterhouseCoopers in India, UK & the US.

Production Lead

B.E. Mechanical, NIT Surat; Has 35 years’ Experience in the MSME Agro-based sector in Plant Operations, including Materials Management, with an expertise in Production Planning.


Our Incubators & Collaborators

SIL IIT Kanpur Incubatee

ABIF IIT KGP Incubatee

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